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» I work on core security for a California fruit vendor but do not speak for them on this site or elsewhere. In a previous life, I toiled as director of security architecture at One Laptop per Child (OLPC), a non-profit that tried (and failed) to save the world by fixing education. My profession means I'm paid to be paranoid, which I imagine some psychiatrists might find funny. There's a biography here for the stalkers, or you can just read this. I, for one, believe everything I read on Wikipedia.

» I enjoy breaking computers, but I really enjoy making computers hard to break. Unfortunately, most people are really bad at this. At OLPC, I had put a lot of work into designing Bitfrost (technical details), which is a system for securing computers that's trying to be both hard to break and easy to use. If this proves successful, a future version will make ice cream fall from the sky.

» People apparently like to hear me blab, so I used to give a lot of talks. You can join the fan club by watching a woefully outdated blab I once gave at Google about my work and the awesome technology in the OLPC laptops.

» I'm a big believer in open source, which is an ancient African phrase meaning "no, I will not fix your Windows computer for you." I'm a Linux hipster, having used it long before it sold out and went mainstream. Back then, Linux was so underground, you had to get it mailed to you on a VHS tape. I co-wrote the official book about my distribution of choice, which I now install directly from vinyl records. The bits just sound warmer, you know?